Take Your Hands Off Our Squats

Take your hands off our places.
Take your hands off our comrades.
Take your hands off our friends.

We would like to express our deep solidarity to Villa Amalias Squat and all our comrades in Athens who are fighting to preserve its freedom at this dark moment. Today government decided to start an unequal battle by hitting the heart of our greek squat world. These times seem darker than ever. However we will never stop stuggling for the flame we seek, for the light we see.


Untitled #4

Well, our last show in Patras was more than amazing. Sharing the stage with good friends and having a crazy aftermath all together is something really priceless, something that cannot be forgotten. We would like especially to thank Gutter punx and Skomma for visiting, playing, and hanging out in our hideouts. We are looking forward for the next time.

You might not see many posts in this spot for the next month, but we are planning a bunch of things for the near future. New T-shirts along with brand new Patches are coming on. We have already booked some shows abroad for 2013 and we will finally set the plans for our first visit to the Northern side of our shithole, Greece. Last but not least, five brand new "Dirty Wombs" tracks are ready to see the vinyl light.
More Infos Soon.

Dirty Wombs

just before the end of the world.


Shows / Reports / News

So, we are just back from Ioannina city. A damaged car wasn' t really an obstacle and we found quickly another way to reach there. This time everything was perfect. Few words can describe the beauty of the city, and fewer the hospitality of the guys we met. We really want to thank the team of Antiviosi Squat for sharing all their amazing rooms with us, "studio from the down" for setting the show up, all the bands for sharing the floor with us, our good old friends we met again and of course the new ones we made.

Θα θέλαμε πραγματικά να ευχαριστήσουμε τα παιδιά που έστησαν το συγκεκριμένο λάιβ. Τον Λευτέρη, τον Γιώργο, τον Βασίλη και τους Skomma, για όλα. Από την πρόσκληση, την διοργάνωση, και την φιλοξενία, μέχρι τις βόλτες, τα πάρτυ, και όλη την καλοπέραση. Σας έχουμε στην καρδιά μας.

Next stop is our hometown, Patras. We are playing in Parartima Squat, next Saturday on November 24th. We are sharing the stage with our brothers Gutter from Athens, Αντίστροφη Μέτρηση from Patras, and Skomma from Ioannina. Unfortunately Unfit Earth had to cancel their appearance due to  important reasons. This show is a co-organization between Prokat35 Squat and Ράδιοκατάληψη squatted frequency, for the financial support of all our comrades that have been arrested since September 2012. It is now obvious that  governement has absolutely lost control and bursts daily on innocent fighting people.



"A Roar Of Indignation", the international hardcore punk compilation we will participate in, is seriously in the works. Phil, a great and dedicated guy from UK, has been setting this up for months via his label / distro Imminent Distruction Records. Expect killer stuff from many bands all around the world. This Lp will be released in January 2013. 'Till then check definitely the promo video for his brand new release, "Acceleration To Doomsday" compilation ep. This will be the soundtrack of noise Apocalypse. Trust him.


Athens report / Next stop

The show in Athens was a fucking blast and we had a great time for once more. Many good friends showed up, while really good bands destroyed the whole place with their ultra-heavy sounds. The audience was active and the whole atmosphere was dirty and sweaty, the way it should be. The basement in Kalidromiou is probably the best place for gigs right now in Athens, so try to not miss any punk/hardcore show organized there. Big thanx to: Mass Culture for setting this up, the punks on the front line, and every one who supported us last saturday.
(Ένα παλικάρι έγραψε και δυο λογάκια για το λάιβ εδώ)

Next stop is the beautiful city of Ioannina, on the west of the greek shithole. Few words can describe this city, so we definitely cannot wait to hit the road again for this place. We are preparing for a minarian invasion in the town, along with our friends Caveat Emptor (old school death from Patras), Skomma (from Ioannina), and Alive Clintons (from Nafpaktos city). The show will take place on Sunday 18 November, in Antiviosi Squat.

Counting the fucking days!


See You There


Coming Next

The first "Dirty Wombs" interview will be featured in No Exit Zine issue #6, a great fanzine you should already have checked. Established in Athens and dedicated to worldwide punk rock, it has managed to be pressed five times since its beginning, including tons of record reviews, movie reviews, and interviews with  bands such as: Amebix, Antimaster, D.S.B., Fall Of Efrafa, Go Filth Go, Livstid, My Turn, Protestant and many others. Issue #6 will also contain interviews with Cut Off from Athens, Zvarna alcoholics from Ioannina city and Raw Nerves from Portland (USA).

Release date: late november.
'Till then get the back issues lazy bastards!


Almost four months have passed since our last visit to the Jungle of Athens, and we return with a blasting show in the beautiful place of Kalidromiou collective. We are sharing the floor with Mass Culture sludge machine, Last Rizla stoners, and Monk from Syros island.


Untitled #3

We had a really great time yesterday night. It had been five months since the last time we played in our city and it was fucking great to do this again. La Casa Fantom, the sick d'n'b duo from Norway, ripped everything apart while tons of cold craft beer were consumed. It is amazing to support with such activities, four comrades that faced police oppression in a really hard way.
 It was just a beautiful Tuesday night.

For those who missed the show:



Next Gig

Time to have a show in our town! Next Tuesday 23/10/2012, at Parartima Squat with La Casa Fantom from Norway. Be There.

(poster made by Jerboa the Great)

Τα έσοδα θα διατεθούν για την οικονομική ενίσχυση
 των τεσσάρων συλληφθέντων
 στην Πάτρα, στις 11 Οκτώβρη.


Distribution Points

We are very happy to announce that Imminent Destruction Records is now distributing our records in UK, Europe and probably wherever you live.
Feel free to contact Phil and ask him for everything!
Don't forget to watch his label 'cause he is responsible for some brand-new killer releases that will damage your fucking ears.

Keep an eye on our site for more distribution points of our brand new split Ep, in Greece and elsewhere.

Και κάτι σημαντικό...

Θα θέλαμε και μέσω της συγκεκριμένης μπάντας να εκφράσουμε, την αλληλεγγύη μας στους τέσσερις συλληφθέντες της Πάτρας, και παράλληλα (και για μια ακόμη φορά) το μίσος μας στο κράτος και τα παρακρατικά ακροδεξιά σκουπίδια που το περιβάλλουν.
Είμαστε περισσότεροι από εσάς, οπλισμένοι με δίψα για ελευθερία.



Out Now!
We are fucking excited to announce that our second release is already done and ready to hit your pick up.
It is about a 7" split Ep, consisted of a five-minute epic crust track by Unfit Earth from Volos city, and two tracks by us, "Obsession" and "In The Burrows".
Released in 500 copies by the bands and the following labels: World's Appreciated Kitsch Records, We Don't Fight It Records, and Eye5 Records.

Price: 3.5 euros (Greece).
Price for distros: 3 euros (Greece)

Visit our bandcamp page to listen to our tracks, or download the whole release here

(Distribution Points to be announced)


Coming Soon...

(Unfit Earth / Dirty Wombs 7" Split)


Untitled #2

So, the last days were more than amazing. We terminated our holidays with two great shows that we' ll always remember. First, it was Volos city and Katiraga village where the yard of a cottage was transformed into a big summer circle pit. After sea swimming in front of the house, the show started early in the evening with Eternal Hated, that delivered an excellent 30minute hardcore show. Remember us, you' ll be hearing their name really often in the future. They know exactly how to play dark hardcore. We played in the second place and Faithreat ended the show with cοnstant moshing and crowd surfing. They will record their second full length this month, so get fucking ready. A honest "thank you" to our official crazy friend Leonidas for organizing this gig in his house, and to all the guys and friends that showed up that hot night! Arigato!

The day after, we took our beloved Renault Clio and had an hour and a half trip to Argiropouli village next to Tyrnavos city, where Arm Your Desires festival was taking place for the second day and the sixth consecutive year. AYD is an awesome DIY hardcore / crust / punk festival, with veg(eteri)an cuisine, many spots for camping and countless alcohol, organized in the heart of the nature. We arrived in early afternoon and had the joy to meet all our good friends from Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larissa city. The line up of the second day was GREAT. Timetrap, I Want The Moon, Conpiracy of Denial, Mother Disobediance, and Rivers Run Dry from Hungury went up on the stage and delivered perfect hardcore tunes, while Tyrranicide from Holland, Unfit Earth and Cut Off from greece destroyed the whole fucking place. Our show was one of our favotites. This fest was a great experience for us. Big thanx to Stelios and AYD team.

Many photos will be posted.

There is one video of our show in "Videos" Page. Check it!


And some other great News! As we had said, our next release is the Split with Unfit Earth crusties from Volos city, which is in the preparation mode. At the same time there will be one more release. We will participate, with a remastered version of "Eternity Shore", in an International Hardcore Compilation, which will be released in vinyl format. Phil and Imminent Destruction Records (a UK based distro/label) is behind this Lp.

"A Roar Of Indignation"

The Bands:

Homicide (Brazil)
Sex Dwarf (Sweden)
Napalm Raid (Canada)
Frenzy (USA)
Selvforakt (Sweden / Brazil)
Raw Hate (Sweden)
Warvictims (Sweden)
Scrumpy SS (UK)
Strange Factory (Japan)
Infernoh (Sweden)
Violent Party (USA)
Leprosy (Australia)
Vaarallinen (Singapore)
Kylma Sota (Finland)
Gutter (Greece)
Sistemas De Aniquilacion (Peru)
Rappa (Japan)
Corbata (Japan)
Dirty Wombs (Greece)
Proxy (Canada)


Summer Gigs

So fortunetaly, we are going to hit the summer drought with two shows, full of crowd surfing, sing along, cheap beers and countless tsipouro.

On 03/08/2012, we have the honor to play a house show in the legendary Trele Mou Fest #3, in Katiragas village, a few km out of Volos city. Faithreat and Eternal Hated will also wear their swimming suits and grab their instruments for some more noise.

(Thanx to our friend Hellena for being the model of the picture)

On 04/08/2012, we will also play in Arm Your Desires Festival, in Argiropouli of Tyrnavos city, a great DIY punk / crust / hardcore fest running for the 6th year.

p.s.: our forthcoming split 7" with Unfit Earth is almost done. The only thing that remains is the artwork, and it' s gonna take the road for the factory.


One more show

Next Friday, 06/07/2012, we are playing again in the capital city of Athens, a show organized for the financial support of Vila Amalias, probably one of the most historic squated places of our country.
The show's gonna take place at Lofo Strefi hill, along with garage rockers The Tourettes, our rock n roll friends Time Trap, and noisy punks Chernobyl Attack

some pics from the last show.


(thanx to vasilis)


Untitled #1.

Last friday' s gig is one of the best shows we have ever attended, and definitely our favorite one, since the beginning of Dirty Wombs. It was organized by really good friends that never stopped to play and listen to the hardcore music they love, that never stopped organizing non profit / DIY shows, that never stopped to distribute and release records, zines, and stuff like that. It was finally organized by people that never stopped to support the scene in any way during all those years, and this is the most important thing. The whole atmosphere of the show, which was fueled by the furious hardcore tunes we listened and the crowd super attendance, was something we will never forget.

A big "Arigato" to: Mike (fifteen counts of arson), Jason / Vas / Yorgakis / Christina from Conspiracy of Denial, Stathis, Billy / Jack from Despite Everything and everyone else who made this gig possible, the hardcore freaks Antimob, Inhuman Poison, V8Carburetor who shared the stage with us, everyone that shook his ass during the show, and finally a honest thank to Bak, Vagelis, and Mike (Pounks) for all the support to DW.

More pictures soon.



We are currently working on two old songs, which we' ll record next Tuesday, for our upcoming 7" Split release, with Unfit Earth crusties from Volos.
We are -as always- fucking excited!

Next Friday, 22/06/2012, we will play in the streets(!) of Athens an unusual show with the unusual rock 'n' roll freaks Antimob, the unusual bastards Inhuman Poison, and the zeke maniacs V8Carburetor. This will be our second visit to Athens as a band, after 9 months and that show with Crimen (mexico) at Katarameno Syndromo last september. It has been a long time, we will meet many good friends, and will listen to really good bands, so we definitely cannot wait for this.

Here you can see the street where the show' s gonna take place.
(and don' t be late 'cause you' ll probably loose some bands!)



We have just received our first release in physical format, and we can' t describe our feelings.
You can get one, at our shows of course, or otherwise be sure to make an order by sending us an e-mail.
In the next days we will announce and some greek distribution points (like distros, record shops, etc) for this release, so it will be easier for someone to find it!

Dirty Wombs 2012


Next Gig.

Next weekend, Prokat 35 Squat, a kind of a second home here in our town, celebrates its 5 years of existence and resistance, with a 2-day ultimate punk rock / hardcore festival! We will also participate in this party, and play on Friday, 25/05/2012, along with many of our favorite bands, such as the legendary greek crusties Hibernation (Χειμερία Νάρκη), our good friends Fields Of Locust, and the furious punk rockers Antimob, from Athens. We will also share the stage with Αχαίρευτοι, Ραδιενεργά Κατάλοιπα, and Chaos Enshrined. This show's gonna be the last for us in Patras, for a couple of months, so we really cannot wait for this shit. It' s gonna be a fucking blast!

(P.S.: The tapes are ready, but unfortuntately we won' t have them with us at the show. We' ll receive them next week.)

After that, we are thinking to concentrate on some of our plans. We are discussing for two Split releases, one with a greek crust band on 7" vinyl Ep, and one with a foreign scandinavian hardcore band on 12" vinyl Lp, which will contain probably our favorite songs. There is a really good mood from both sides, so we  hope to cope with this stuff. 'Till then, we will play one more time in August' s Arm Your Desires Festival in Tyrnavos city, and maybe in Athens if we have such a chance!
We will inform for everything.
Take care.

(μιναρουπολη aka Patras Shittie, captured by Thanos.)


Elections Fever and Other News


The 'elections' fever has already passed, and nothing's gonna happen, nothing' s gonna change. Our country' s, officially, gonna sink faster and deeper to its Decay. For one more time, right wing political parties are going to govern this shit, while fake left wing people will try to save us. The fascist national front took a percentage of 7% (almost) in these elections, and will seat its ugly ass in the parliament for the first fucking time. We have to rise higher guys, with more power, and finally confront those bastards, those oppresors, those killers. Never forget, never let your self to fall asleep.


In other news, we are very happy, 'cause finally the printing procession of our first release is going to start tomorrow. Both recordings and artwork have been sent in the factory, and by the end of this month (may) we hope to have the cassettes in our hands. We' ll let you know with another post.


Artwork Finished.

Sooo, we are very happy to announce that all the work about our first Ep, "We Rise", is over. On march 17, we finished all the recordings (you may have listened before) and today the artwork was finally done. The only thing that remains is just to send the Ep for printing, in tape cassette format! We really thank from our hearts, Vasilis (Jerboa Illustrations), for his beautiful work and his fucking great old-school ideas.
 Σωραιοςςς dude!

In the link below you can download straight from us our Ep, in wav. format, with artwork included.



Other good news: 61 T-shirts are also ready (half on black color, half on dark red). You can catch one at our shows, or just send us an e-mail to order. Thanx adreas (admc07) one more time, for his great design.


Live Shows.

So, it has been 3 months since the last time we had played in our town, and we are preparing two shows in Patras city. The first one' s gonna take place tomorrow, Friday 23/03/2012, in the university area, at our beloved Prokat35 Squat, along with our hardcore lads My Turn from Athens, and Bandage, a really awesome melodic punk rock band from Athens too. (check "Links" to listen)

The second show is for the next week, Friday 30/03/2012, and it is the first one to play in the center of our city at the historic place of Parartima Squat. We' re gonna share the stage along with Kill The Cat (new kick ass album out now), Tourrettes, Pareesaktee (Παρείσακτοι), and Mavra Provata (Μαύρα Πρόβατα). The show is a co-organization by Porto Patrassο and Radio Katalipsi.

P.S.: In the player of our site we have put a remastered version of our brand new Ep, so be sure to check it one more time!


"We Rise", Ep cassette

Finally we did it. Here is our first self-released Ep in the name "We Rise".
(artwork and cassettes, coming soon)


1. Eternity Shore
2. Dirty Wombs
3. Ώρα Μηδέν
4. No Bending Over
5. Doomed To laugh, Doomed To Cry
6. Πολέμα με τον Τρόπο σου (deathside Cover)

Επιτέλους. Απλά επιτέλους. Ενα ειλικρινές ευχαριστώ στον Σάκη από το noisebox studio χωρίς την βοήθεια του οποίου δεν θα είχε γίνει απολύτως τίποτα. Ανθρώπους τόσο πρόθυμους να βοηθήσουν κάποιον άσχετο σπάνια συναντάς. Cheers!

You can download it here:

link coming soon.


Can' t Wait.
Finally tomorrow we are entering studio.

In the video below we are covering "Άγχος" by Stress, probably the best greek punk band ever existed. A kind of a Legend. The video is a bit noisy, since the live was full of energy, ha!



Live Shots.

(Volos, 25/02/2012, Riot Squat)




Good Fucking News.


So it has been 3 days, since we have arrived from Volos city after our show in Riot squat, last saturday. The show was a blast and full of surprises with the guest appearences of Faithreat zombie moshers, and Unfit Earth, an awesome new crust band from there. This was by far our most energetic show since our beginning. We gave our best, we enjoyed it the best, the crowd was alive, and the whole atmosphere was what we call hardcore, what we call punk. Thanx of course to Riot Squat for the organization, and the bands who shared the stage with us (Absent, My Turn). Tomorrow we are going to post some photos, and maybe a video from our live.

(Volos, 25/02/2012)


We are very happy to present you our new T-shirt design created by our good friend and sick hand Adreas (admc07) (be sure to check his blog). This drawing depicts with the best way our thoughts behind the lyrics, our thoughts about this world, our thoughts about us. We have to get the fuck out of here. We have to burn this filthy world. We have to wake up and destroy it. We really thank Adreas from our hearts.


And finally we are really sick and excited 'cause after a year (and +) of existence, we are entering studio for the recording of our first Ep casette, in the name "We Rise" (despite the first plans of a 7" Ep, release). It will contain six songs of our punk/hardcore music, along with a japcore cover. The recording sessions will begin in 2 weeks. More info sooooon! Stay tuned!

Εντάξει, τι να πούμε... Έχουμε χεστεί απ' την χαρά μας. Η φάση τσουλάει επιτέλους...

(This is the offspring of your world... It gets born, filthy and dead, like your consciences...
Riot Squat, Volos, 25/02/2012)


Hell-o dudes! We are very happy to announce that we' re gonna visit for the first time Volos city, in 25/02/2012, and gonna play at Riot Squat (Matsagou), along with our friends My Turn, and the punk rockers Absent from Larissa. We are really excited for this, 'cause first of all, Volos is a kind of our second home (since it is the hometown of two of our members), and on the other hand, the live will be a Carnival show, which means that we' re gonna wear the worst, most ridiculous, idiot costumes we' ll find, and party hard 'till the fucking end. (We will also play a greek cover-surprise)

 Yeah, this is a period that the Greeks never forget, the Carnival period of our fucking country, a country that never loved its kids, a country that wants us to follow its decay and corruption, a country that we must fight with any force it has left in ourselves. This is a thing, that we must not forget.

Πραγματικά σήμερα βρισκόμαστε στο χείλος του γκρεμού. Είμαστε έτοιμοι να παρασυρθούμε στην τροχιά παρακμής και διαφθοράς στην οποία έχει προ πολλού μπει η χώρα μας, και αυτό είναι κάτι το οποίο δεν πρέπει ποτέ να ξεχνάμε. Ας μη τους κάνουμε το χατίρι. Πρέπει να είμαστε διαρκώς σε εγρήγορση, και να παλεύουμε με ό, τι δύναμη μας έχει απομείνει, για όλα αυτά που μας πήραν, μας παίρνουν, και θα μας πάρουν. Είτε αυτή η δύναμη πηγάζει από το μυαλό μας, είτε από την καρδιά μας.

Σε μια προσπάθεια λοιπόν να διατηρήσουμε την ψυχραιμία και το χιούμορ μας στους δύσκολους αυτούς καιρούς, θα παίξουμε στο αποκριάτικο λαιβ μασκέ, στην κατάληψη ματσάγγου στον Βόλο, στις 25/02/2012, μαζί με τους My Turn από Aθήνα , και τους Absent από την Λάρισα. Είμαστε κάτι παραπάνω από ενθουσιασμένοι, καθώς ο Βόλος είναι κάτι σαν δεύτερη έδρα για μας (δυο μέλη της μπάντας είναι από κει), οι φίλοι είναι πολλοί και καλοί, και το πάρτυ, ο χορός και η καλοπέραση είναι δεδομένα. Θα τα πούμε εκεί, ντυμένοι όσο πιο γελοία γίνεται. Τσιρςςςς.


Yesterday in Ioannina we had a really perfect time. The show was a fucking blast. The crowd was fucking great. The place was awesome. The food was delicious. The alcohol was very cheap. The girls were sooo pretty, and My Turn destroyed the whole world! The city is one of the most beautiful places of our country. It was definitely the best day of 2012, so far. We gave our best, we drunk our asses and danced all night long. Ioannina, we will return! That' s not a promise, but a threat. Stay punk. Stay rock 'n' roll.

Ειλικρινά δεν ύπηρχε κάτι άσχημο στην χθεσινή μέρα. Ολα ήταν τελεία. Από την έκδρομη ως την ομορφότερη πόλη της σκατό-χώρας μας, μέχρι το χθεσινοβραδινό hardcore λαιβ, που πραγματικά τα έσπασε. Χορός, ποτό, χορός, πότο. Ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ τον Αποστόλη από τους My Turn, που μας έχωσε στο λάιβ, τις μπάντες με τις οποίες μοιραστήκαμε το πάτωμα, και φυσικά τα παιδιά από την κατάληψη Ya Basta, για την όλη -εξαιρετική- διοργάνωση. Όλα χθες στα Γιάννενα, φάνηκαν πολύ αγνά. Όλοι ήμασταν ένα, όλοι χορεύαμε, όλοι ήμασταν στον αέρα, όλοι πίναμε αγκαλιά. Όχι κλίκες, όχι γκρίνιες, όχι σνομπ φάτσες κι εκφράσεις. Χαρούμενος κόσμος που γούσταρε να περάσει διαφορετικά τό σαββατοβραδο του και να συμβαλλει με οποιονδηποτε τρόπο σε όλο αυτό. Μακάρι όντως να έχουν έτσι τα πράγματα.


Dirty Wombs


"History Repeats Itself (live video)"


My Turn

"This World (live video)"


Long time, no see... Wasting our time on studying bullshit... Ya Basta! Next Saturday, 04/02/2012, we are playing (after two months), in Ioannina city, at Ya Basta squat, along with the hardcore dudes My Turn from Athens, and the punk rockers 10 to Go from Larissa. Hell yeah, the perfect break! See you there, dancing 'till the end.

Επιτέλους λίγο πανκ, λίγο χαρντκορ, λίγο ροκ ν ρολ βρε αδελφε. Περίμενουμε πως και πως το λαιβ του σαββατου, και το ταξιδακι μεχρι τα ομορφα Γιάννενα. Το καλυτερο διαλειμμα, στην πιο σκατένια περίοδο του χρόνου. Περαστικά επίσης στον νικολάκη από inhuman poison, των οποίων πήραμε και τη θέση στο λαιβ. Τσιαρς.

(Pics by christie, 16/09/2011)