Athens report / Next stop

The show in Athens was a fucking blast and we had a great time for once more. Many good friends showed up, while really good bands destroyed the whole place with their ultra-heavy sounds. The audience was active and the whole atmosphere was dirty and sweaty, the way it should be. The basement in Kalidromiou is probably the best place for gigs right now in Athens, so try to not miss any punk/hardcore show organized there. Big thanx to: Mass Culture for setting this up, the punks on the front line, and every one who supported us last saturday.
(Ένα παλικάρι έγραψε και δυο λογάκια για το λάιβ εδώ)

Next stop is the beautiful city of Ioannina, on the west of the greek shithole. Few words can describe this city, so we definitely cannot wait to hit the road again for this place. We are preparing for a minarian invasion in the town, along with our friends Caveat Emptor (old school death from Patras), Skomma (from Ioannina), and Alive Clintons (from Nafpaktos city). The show will take place on Sunday 18 November, in Antiviosi Squat.

Counting the fucking days!