Opposite Flow

"Opposite Flow" is the name of our new full-length due to be released in late October. It's a self-release with 300 copies soon available for your damaged ears. For now, you can click on here and play it loud!


Never Forget / Never Forgive

A whole year has passed since "Killah P", a 34yo underground rapper and antifascist was murdered by members of the Greek neo-nazi party "Golden Dawn". Pavlos Fissas still lives in our dreams, in our thoughts, in our struggle. We never forget. We never forgive.

We salute also "Κατάρα 2-14" (katara / curse) in the Greek DIY network, a brand new DIY gig collective established in Athens, the Capital. While state continues the war against squats, occupied spaces, and social centers, it's really wonderful to still see people creating, living their dreams, and fighting for what they believe. Good Luck!