UK Report

So, we' re finally back from our UK shows and we simply are unable to describe how we felt during this trip abroad. Let's try to put some words down.

The first show took place at a tiny stage at The Birds Nest, a beautiful pub in London South-East. Burt Ward, a fast hardcore punk band from Scottland, played first. We were next and Cleavers from Scottland too played in the third place. It was our first experience as a band abroad and we definitely were more than excited. The show was great and it was amazing to play in front of familiars faces like relatives and good friends. Thanx and cheers to: Aris, Christos, Kevin, Krzysz, Jeff (Hello Bastards), Iliana and her girls, and of course the bands who gave us their equipment! Cheers again!

Then it was friday, then it was a fucking BLAST! Bristol's gig is probably one of our favorite ever shows. Everything was amazing. The people, the place, the bands, the after-show party, everything. Disfortune from Bristol played first, delivering a great set of pure fast raw d-beat hardcore. London' s Agnosy were next with an incredible set. One of the best crust bands out there. Be sure to check them out. We were last, and gave what we had and didn't have. We really enjoyed it. HERE is a part from our set.

We would like to thank from our hearts: Bastard Squad Collective, Agnosy, Disfortune, Lila and The Red Lion pub Crew, Evi, Yorgos, Maria, Marty, Paul Cussens, the crew from Poland, Taf from Disorder, and definitely all the BRISTOL PUNX! We' ll never forget! CHEERS!

(Disfortune / Agnosy)

Last but not least, the biggest hags go to Alex who stayed in Athens but helped a lot, and Phil 'O Grady, our man and great friend, who arranged, met, supported, and followed us in these two amazing shows. Thanx for everything.

'Till The Next Time, Burn The Fucking Shrouds!

Before we go,

"A Roar Of Indignation", the internatinal hardcore punk compilation we participate in, is finally released. Visit Imminent Destruction Records and contact Phil to get your copy!

Our records are distributed in UK by Imminent Destruction Records (see above) and All Ages Records Shop in Camden town, London. Visit it!


Radio Show

Hello there! On Tuesday 23rd of April, few hours before we take off for our UK shows, we are invited in Go Fish Go radio show, to take some time with our good friend Iosif, discuss, have some fun, and play great traditional japanese hardcore sounds. We are also going to play for the first time our new tracks of our upcoming split LP release. The show starts at 8pm. Visit Go Fish Go frequency via NoizGRound.com

Stay Tuned!


Next Shows!

The show yesterday was amazing. We would really like to thank all the bands that played, Cut Off and Citizens Patrol who ripped everything up, and of course all of you that showed up in that beautiful April night! It' s really nice to play in front of people you consider as a family. Thank you all!

Our next shows will take place in UK. It is the first time for us to play abroad and we are fucking excited for that. We hope everything turns out well! On Thursday 25th of April we are playing a free show in London, at The Birds Nest, along with Cleavers from Scottland and Burt Ward from UK,

and on Friday 26th we' re playing a benefit for subvert show at The Red Lion in Bristol, along with Disfortune and Agnosy from UK.

We just can't wait!



Our next show after months will take place in our home, Prokat35 Squat, in Patras, Greece. We' re extremely happy to play again, and share the ground with our good friends Cut Off from Athens, V8 Carburetor from Athens too, Citizens Patrol from The Netherlands, and Zbaralia from Veria city. The show will be a benefit for the struggle against the "Golden" Death in Halkidiki area, north Greece. Let's fight all those bastards who sell nature, our homes, our lives. Fuck money, fuck gold, we have it all!

 See You There!

(thanx to Mike "Locust" for this great poster!)


New Arrivals!



The shirts just arrived! Thanx again to Stavros "Drop Virus 666" for his crazy design! The price is 7 euros, and the offer of T-shirt + 7" Split + tape costs 10 euros!
In any case just send us a mail, or wait for an upcoming gig!

Night Feeever!