Today it is a sad day for everyone. For every single man and woman who have heart in their chest instead of having shit in the head... Today, early in the morning, a 34 years old antifascist was murdered by nazis, with police unwilling to intervene at the right time.
Vengeance is ours.

Ώρα Μηδέν

"Τα ρολόγια σταμάτησαν να λειτουργούνε
Καθώς η ώρα έφτασε
Οι μέρες του σκότους απλώνονται μπροστά
Σκεπάζοντας τα πάντα σα νεκρά κορμιά

Όλα είναι... Αναμνήσεις μακρινές
Όλα είναι... Παρελθόν μακρινό

Το μίσος που είναι
Στις φλέβες ποτισμένο

Το αίμα αθώων
Πρωτόγονα χυμένο
Μας πνίγει...

Μα πλέον είναι
Η δράση αναγκαία
Για αλλαγή...

Οι δείκτες στα ρολόγια
Δείχνουν μηδέν
Για ανατροπή..."



Here are some (not sooo) news about other bands where some of our members also play. So, Kostas plays also the guitars in Faithreat, a thrash / crossover / hardcore band from Volos, Greece. They are about to release their second self-titled LP and here you can check out a track from this upcoming record.

Dinos plays the bass and sings for Λήθη (means "oblivion" / pronounced "Leethe"), a three-piece blackened crust act from Patras, Greece. They are also about to release their debut LP and here you can have a taste
of it.

In Dirty Wombs news, we' re going to participate with a new track in a DIY international tape compilation, released by the greek label Sabrota DIY. Fans of hardcore punk, black metal, grind, and queercore, soon it comes!

'Till then, smash the fucking scums!