European Tour Kick-off!

So! Everything is ready and in less than two days we're beginning our first European tour along with our bosom buddies Lifewreck. The route we're gonna follow, the places we' re gonna play, the bands we' re gonna share the floor with are the following. See you there!

Saturday 15/11/2014, Bologna (IT), Atlandide | Lifewreck, Criminal Code (USA),  Strike (IT)

Sunday 16/11/2014, STILL NEED HELP!!! SLOVENIA / ITALY

Monday 17/11/2014, Ljubljana (SLO), Klub Gromka | Lifewreck, The Rodeo Idiot Engine (FR)

Tuesday 18/11/2014, Karlovac (CRO), Secret Gig | Lifewreck, Landverraad (NL), Left To Starve (CRO)

Wednesday 19/11/2014, Vienna (AT), Pankahyttn | Lifewreck

Thursday 20/11/2014, Usti Nad Labem (CZ), Planet Underground | Lifewreck, ΝΟΤ! (CZ)

Friday 21/11/2014, Berlin (GER), Koepi 137 | Lifewreck, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads (USA)

Saturday 22/11/2014, Copenhagen (DK), Undomshuset | Lifewreck, Kluster Fuck (DK)

Monday 24/11/2014, Hamburg (GER), Gangeviertel / Druckerei | Lifewreck

Tuesday 25/11/2014, Amsterdam (NL), Vrankrijk | Lifewreck, System Bastard (NL)

Wednesday 26/11/2014, Leuven (BEL), Rock Cafe | Lifewreck, The End Of Ernie (BE), King Terror (BE)

Thursday 27/11/2014, Besancon (FR), Les Passagers Du Zinc | Lifewreck, Lust For Death (FR)

Friday 28/11/2014, Turin (IT), Asilo Occupato | Lifewreck , La Gorgia (IT), Miseria (IT), My Own Voice (IT)

Saturday 29/11/2014, Florence (IT), Villa Panico | TBA


Records Are Here

Yesterday's show will stay memorable. We would like to thank everyone who showed up in Athens' north suburbs in such a rainy day, the people who made this gig possible, Prapopoulos squat for the great hospitality and the amazing venue, and definitely all the bands who gave their best last night. The show was an aid for medical expenses and wish all the best to the person who need our help.

Our new record is absolutely done, and ready to ship everywhere for 9 euros + postage. Send PM for more.

(Για τις αντικαταβολές εντός Ελλάδας να ενημερώσουμε ότι θα σταλούν μετά την περιοδεία, από τη 1 δηλαδή Δεκέμβρη. Διαφορετικά μέσω τραπεζικής συναλλαγής ή paypal μέχρι τις 13 Νοέμβρη)