Hey Hey! Volos' show was really cool and we would like to thank all the people who made it happen, as also Termita Squat for offering such a great place. We' re gonna take some rest for a while before we hit the road again, in March, for some north Greek shows. More info soon.

Our new record "Opposite Flow" can be found at the following distro points:

Scarecrow Records (distro@scarecrow.gr) - Athens
Screaming Victims Records (screamingvictims@hotmail.com) - Volos
We dont fight it records (trade_is_more_human@yahoo.gr) - Larisa
7inch distro (mailorder@7inch.gr) - Volos
Uprising Hardcore Distro (uprisinghardcoredistro@gmail.com) - Greece
Rhythm Records Store - Em. Benaki str. Athens
Studio From The Down distro (studio.antiviosi@gmail.com) - Ioannina
Imminent Destruction Records (imminent-destruction@hotmail.co.uk) - UK
Svoboda Records (svobodarecords@orange.fr) - France
Whispering Gloom (whisperingloom@yahoo.com) - Japan
Any show at Prokat35 Squat - Patras

Wish strength & health for the new year!


Volos Show

We' re gonna play after two and a half years in Volos city, at Termita Squat, along with Over-Throw, Human Slaughter, and Toxic Minds. See you there!


Last Minute Show

We' re playing a last minute benefit show for political prisoners, in our hometown Patras with Living Under Drones, Mindlapse, and Σάρκα Στο Ζώο. Place: Prokat35 squat.

Λάιβ οικονομικής ενίσυχης για τους συλληφθέντες της πορείας αλληλεγγύης στον Ν. Ρωμανό, στην Πάτρα, στις 6 Δεκέμβρη. Στηρίχτε το.


Good News

Happy day today! Nikos Romanos' request for educational leave was finally accepted, so he put an end to his hunger strike after 31 difficult days of solidarity struggle in the streets of every Greek city. We would like also to salute the re-occupation of the historic place of Parartima squat in our hometown Patras, as a fighting center for the aforementioned struggle.

Here are some photos of our last shows in Europe and Greece! (click on!)


Back Home

So, we' re finally back home after 17 days...

First of all we would like to wish strength to the fighter Nikos Romanos, a brave young guy, who has been in hunger strike since November 10th, demanding the basics, an educational leave during his imprisonment. We are with YOU in the war against this cruel and oppressive system.

Concerning our European tour, few words can describe this huge, incredible and definitely adventurous trip we lived along with our buddies Lifewreck for the last two or so weeks. We came across car problems, van trades, risky decisions, huge distances, electricity attack, expensive tolls and money loss, but we managed to make it and didn't loose any show and of course our best mood. The feedback, the feeling and the vibe at the shows was amazing, the parties after the concerts were many and crazy, and every single city, every single smile and every single sample of each local scene, gave us tons of things to remember, to appreciate and to keep deep in our hearts. We really did not expect a big tour to be so hard, but result makes all the obstacles together funny, at least.

We would like especially to thank Lollo and the guys from XM24 / Atlandide Occupata / Agipunk in Bologna, Manzinga in Ljubljana, Left To Starve / Jere and the Zagreb crew for the show in Karlovac, Jenny / Boris / Iris and the crazy punks of Pankahyttn in Vienna, Alex and the family of Planet Underground in Usti Nad Labem, Koepi crew, Mads / Ungdomshuset crew for the K-town show and Vaios / Thanos for a day-off we will never forget, Steffan and almost all the Druckerei lads in Hamburg, Mirna / Lia / Maro for the great times in Vrankrijk / Amsterdam, Luc / Sergios / Georgia / King Terror and The End Of Ernie for the show in Leuven, Pibe and Kanivo Chaos for the night in Besancon, Asilo Occupato for the chaos in Torino, Mikol and the Villa Panico crew for the last party in Florence, Anna for the italian shows, Natalia / Marek and POZZITIVO TOURSERVICE for the last minute van help, and definitely our driver Ivan who despite all the damages and problems stood strong and calm and managed to make us company at the biggest part of the tour. Cheers!

Below there are videos of some performances abroad. Note that in Denmark we played as a four piece, with a frontman! Europe, hope to see you soon!!


European Tour Kick-off!

So! Everything is ready and in less than two days we're beginning our first European tour along with our bosom buddies Lifewreck. The route we're gonna follow, the places we' re gonna play, the bands we' re gonna share the floor with are the following. See you there!

Saturday 15/11/2014, Bologna (IT), Atlandide | Lifewreck, Criminal Code (USA),  Strike (IT)

Sunday 16/11/2014, STILL NEED HELP!!! SLOVENIA / ITALY

Monday 17/11/2014, Ljubljana (SLO), Klub Gromka | Lifewreck, The Rodeo Idiot Engine (FR)

Tuesday 18/11/2014, Karlovac (CRO), Secret Gig | Lifewreck, Landverraad (NL), Left To Starve (CRO)

Wednesday 19/11/2014, Vienna (AT), Pankahyttn | Lifewreck

Thursday 20/11/2014, Usti Nad Labem (CZ), Planet Underground | Lifewreck, ΝΟΤ! (CZ)

Friday 21/11/2014, Berlin (GER), Koepi 137 | Lifewreck, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads (USA)

Saturday 22/11/2014, Copenhagen (DK), Undomshuset | Lifewreck, Kluster Fuck (DK)

Monday 24/11/2014, Hamburg (GER), Gangeviertel / Druckerei | Lifewreck

Tuesday 25/11/2014, Amsterdam (NL), Vrankrijk | Lifewreck, System Bastard (NL)

Wednesday 26/11/2014, Leuven (BEL), Rock Cafe | Lifewreck, The End Of Ernie (BE), King Terror (BE)

Thursday 27/11/2014, Besancon (FR), Les Passagers Du Zinc | Lifewreck, Lust For Death (FR)

Friday 28/11/2014, Turin (IT), Asilo Occupato | Lifewreck , La Gorgia (IT), Miseria (IT), My Own Voice (IT)

Saturday 29/11/2014, Florence (IT), Villa Panico | TBA


Records Are Here

Yesterday's show will stay memorable. We would like to thank everyone who showed up in Athens' north suburbs in such a rainy day, the people who made this gig possible, Prapopoulos squat for the great hospitality and the amazing venue, and definitely all the bands who gave their best last night. The show was an aid for medical expenses and wish all the best to the person who need our help.

Our new record is absolutely done, and ready to ship everywhere for 9 euros + postage. Send PM for more.

(Για τις αντικαταβολές εντός Ελλάδας να ενημερώσουμε ότι θα σταλούν μετά την περιοδεία, από τη 1 δηλαδή Δεκέμβρη. Διαφορετικά μέσω τραπεζικής συναλλαγής ή paypal μέχρι τις 13 Νοέμβρη)




We' re playing our next show in Athens on Friday November 8th, at Prapopoulos Squat, north suburbs, along with our tour buddies Lifewreck, Gutter and Process Of Decay.



Last show was fucking crazy. Million thanx, hugs and cheers go to our best friends in Studio From The Down diy collective, to the people from Patras and Thessaloniki who followed and came at the show, to the bands who shared the floor with us, and definitely every single local person who made the gig such a great event. 

Our new T-shirts for the upcoming tour just arrived. Both artworks made by ADMC07, white shirt edited by Panos Ntolas (panosntolas@hotmail.com). Anyone interested drop us back a message!


Next Gig

We' re playing in Ioannina city on friday October 24th with Belgrado from Barcelona, Era Of Fear from Xanthi, and the locals Living Under Drones. Damn excited to be part of this line up, meet good friends, and see cool places again. See you in the pools!



Hey again! Yesterday's show was cool and definitely a good warm-up for the upcoming shows in Europe and rest Greece. Thank you all for attending the show, the bands, and definitely Prokat35 Squat for all this thing! Cheers!


Test Pressings arrived today and sound amazing. Seriously the work is excellent and million thanx go to Ilias Dsk for the whole mix in Ignite Studios, Athens, Greece and Brad Broadright for the mastering in Audiosiege Studios, USA.


Our good friends Underscroll Prints are hleping us to complete our merch for the upcoming shows and made some cool patches for your dirty jackets and your torn pants. Thank you TOO!


Local Live

Hey! We' re finally playing our first show after eleven months, in Patras, with Useless Cunts (Finland) and our brothers Sardanapalm Death. It's cool to come back in our home Prokat35 squat. See you there!

We also got a facebook page for all the 21st century digital girls & boys. Here

(poster credits: jerboa illustrations)


Opposite Flow

"Opposite Flow" is the name of our new full-length due to be released in late October. It's a self-release with 300 copies soon available for your damaged ears. For now, you can click on here and play it loud!


Never Forget / Never Forgive

A whole year has passed since "Killah P", a 34yo underground rapper and antifascist was murdered by members of the Greek neo-nazi party "Golden Dawn". Pavlos Fissas still lives in our dreams, in our thoughts, in our struggle. We never forget. We never forgive.

We salute also "Κατάρα 2-14" (katara / curse) in the Greek DIY network, a brand new DIY gig collective established in Athens, the Capital. While state continues the war against squats, occupied spaces, and social centers, it's really wonderful to still see people creating, living their dreams, and fighting for what they believe. Good Luck!


Europe Tour

Hello! This page will be really active in the following months. First big new after centuries is that we' re going to tour Europe with our best friends Lifewreck from Athens, in next November. Many amazing places are included in this trip with many new faces and old good friends we' re waiting to meet. Vaios, our bosom buddy and bassist is now established in Copenhagen, and Dirty Wombs will now continue as a three-piece band. We wish him all the best and simply wait him to return back in the pack. Our new record is almost ready and will be unleashed in a few weeks or something.

Here's is the poster of the upcoming tour, a snapshot of squatting the historic chemistry school of Athens, Greece.

(click on the picture for the dates)


Blast From The Past

 Here is a video shot of our set during the memorable show with Gutter from Athens and Skomma from Ioannina city, in Parartima Squat, back in 2012. Parartima Squat was the heart of every political action in Patras city, the meeting point for everyone involved in the anarchist / radical left movement of the town. RIP

Meanwhile, the recording sessions for our upcoming LP are over. Mixing / Mastering are next. Expect new music pretty soon.


Zero Tolerance

Almost four and a half thousand prisoners in Greece, have been in hunger strike for the last eight days, protesting against the inhuman measures Greek state is trying to adopt with the so called "C-type correctional institutions" installation. It is obvious that anarchists and radical left people are intended to be the first choice of this brand new sick "Prisoner" model, including ten years and over sentence, zero wages to reduce the sentence, absolut control and violent treatment.
History Repeats Itself but let's make it clear once again.

Zero Tolerance To The Greek Guantanamo



Hello! Our split LP with Gutter is reviewed in Mountza Fanzine, issue #6, spring 2014. Be sure to check 'n' read probably the best print out there at the moment. Thanx for the kind words mates.

Recording sessions are still going.
Record will be out in early Autumn


At Last We're Still Here

Hey punks! Let us break hibernation. Our material for our first full-length is finally fully composed.
There will be following a month of blood, sweat, and painfull practicing just before the recordings in the first days of April.
This year will be hot as Hell.
Expect Far East Hardcore Punk & Heavy Metal Madness
 More infos pretty soon.