Greek Tour Report

Hey Hey! We' re finally back f
rom our greek tour with Backlash from Finland and we're just trying to collect and write down some of the moments we spent together during those six amazing epic days! So, on Wednesday 26th we loaded all of our stuff in two cars and took the way straight to Larissa city for our first time (too). The show was good, the night was cool and it was great to see again some of our good friends from Larissa, Volos and Tyrnavos town.

Next it was
 Thessaloniki, one of our most beloved greek cities. This city definitely radiates a different air... We had fortunately the time to hang out during the day and we enjoyed it a lot. In the evening we had to go for the show to Steki Sto Viologiko Squat, an amazing place which has been occupied for almost twenty six years. We were exicted to play there. The show was great, Backlash were great, and the atmosphere was really beautiful and we had a great after-show time too. 

 was definitely the surprise of the whole tour. We didn't expect anything at that time and we still discuss about it at the moment. The guys from the new squat at the university area were all the best and the whole show was what we call "pure". Few people, almost eighty, but alive and really interested in the whole show. That show reminded of classic provincial good gigs in Greece!

Last stop of our tour was
 Athens with the second edition of "Hardcore Show In The Streets". The show was fucking incredible and the bands were all amazing. Be sure to check this new band "Ήλιος Θανάτου" and go immidiately listen to Gutter. The place was the best it could be and we' re really glad that we met so many beautiful people, make new friends, and came across old ones. We really doubt if shows like that are getting organized often abroad.

At this point we would like to thank with no particular order the following people: Pavlis, Loizos, Yannis, Stelios and Dyspnea crew from Larissa city, Dimitris, Natalia, Martina, Andreas, Lazaros, Yannis and Biologica Squad from Thessaloniki, Nikos Ania, Kwstas, and all the guys from Karditsa city, Iasonas, Yorgakis, Vas, Mike, Apostolis, Xristina, Harris, Vasilis, Iro, Bak, Stathis, Ilias, Vag from Athens city, Olga, Gina, and everyone else that helped us with these four great shows.

Thanx again for your hospitality and the great food that you cooked for us!

Last but not least, we would like to thank from our hearts our Finnish mates Backlash for the times we spent together in Greece. 'Till the next time...Bönthö!!!!!!

P.S.: Το παλικάρι που έβγαζε φωτογραφίες στη συναυλία της Αθήνας ας στείλει ένα μήνυμα!
P.S.: We' re also distributing the record "Realities Of Life" by Backlash. Contact us.