Summer Gigs

So fortunetaly, we are going to hit the summer drought with two shows, full of crowd surfing, sing along, cheap beers and countless tsipouro.

On 03/08/2012, we have the honor to play a house show in the legendary Trele Mou Fest #3, in Katiragas village, a few km out of Volos city. Faithreat and Eternal Hated will also wear their swimming suits and grab their instruments for some more noise.

(Thanx to our friend Hellena for being the model of the picture)

On 04/08/2012, we will also play in Arm Your Desires Festival, in Argiropouli of Tyrnavos city, a great DIY punk / crust / hardcore fest running for the 6th year.

p.s.: our forthcoming split 7" with Unfit Earth is almost done. The only thing that remains is the artwork, and it' s gonna take the road for the factory.