Good morning people! Here's our interview with international DIY magazine Maximum Rocknroll, issue #402 November 2016. Enjoy the reading
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Maximum Rocknroll Interview

We're happy to be featured in Maximum Rocknroll magazine, issue #402, November 2016 and share our words with international punks all around the globe! Interview is both in Greek and English. Enoy! (thanx George, Giannis and Will for the contribution, cheers!)


"Wrecked Youth" is out NOW!!!

Hello people!
"Wrecked Youth" is officialy out NOW!!!
1. Crimson Waves
2. Exceed & Blaze
3. Wrecked Youth

Recorded & Mixed at Ignite Studio
Mastered at Tonmeisterei
Released in 400 normal plus 100 silk-printed limited copies, by Imminent Destruction Records (UK) & Desolate Records (USA)

We'll be only carrying a small amount of copies for our next shows and personal requests. For wholesales, distro trades and limited editions, please contact our record labels! Price is 5 euros/pounds/bucks.



Crete Island

We're playing in Crete Island, Herakleon city, for the first time at Στοα60 along with our friends Μαύρο Γάλα // Mavro Gala! This Saturday!
Αν υπάρχει η δυνατότητα να κλειστεί δεύτερο λάιβ με τις δύο μπάντες για Παρασκευή 26 Φεβρουαρίου σε άλλη πόλη της Κρήτης, ενημερώστε μας.
kri-kri goat poster made by Jerboa Illustration & Tattoo


"Wrecked Youth"

We celebrate five years of Dirty Wombs with “Wrecked Youth”, a brand new 7” coming soon through Imminent Destruction Records (UK) & Desolate Records (USA). We had the chance to collaborate with many wonderful individuals all over the globe in this release, and we really feel excited about it. Test pressings approved, so you better stay tuned! (artwork done by Barcelona's finest Branca Studio)

Dirty Wombs, 2016