We would like to send our deepest condolences to our brothers in Turkey and the families of the Ankara victims, and express our tremendous rage against a killer state which did not hesitate to gas the wounded and block ambulances' circulation during the bombings, a government completely responsible for the devastation happening in the neighboring countries, a menace to all the Turkish, Kurdish, Syrian -and not only- freedom fighters.

Together we shall subvert!



Next Show

Our next show after a long time will take place at Riot Squat (Matsagou squat), in Volos city, on Saturday October 31st. We' re really happy to share the floor with Stheno and Grassroll, and be part of the ANTIFA two-day mini fest!
Refugees welcome // Tourists go home // Patriots fuck off!
See you there.



record review by MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL fanzine, issue #386, July 2015 (click on the picture for bigger size)


Wild & Loud

We just got back home after four loud days in Athens and Ignite Studio, and finished the recordings for an upcoming 7".

Special thanx goes to our hero George Y., Vagelis, Vasilis & Panos (for "stealing" part of the equipment), and Elias. You should visit this studio!

No stress about this release, expect it later in the year. Cheers!


Back Home

Hey Hey!! We' re finally back home after the craziest mini tour we ever had the chance to do. It was a killer experience we will never forget, including insane shows, wonderful places, and amazing moments with great new friends and old beloved ones. The two-day trip in Istanbul will be always deep in our hearts, a trip of life, as the times we spent there with the crew from Athens, the locals, and the people from Ankara, were absolutely incredible. Same goes for the superb city of Xanthi and Thessaloniki where the venues were astonishingly full for a Monday and a Tuesday night, respectively. No more words can describe the whole experience, and we're simply blissful of having lived such a big thing.

We would like to give thanx, hugs & love to: Selin, Ugur, Alper, Subjugation lads, ex-Sakatat guys, the hungarian grind freaks -for the inconvenience-, and of course Orkoun, Maria, Christina, Iro, Savvas, Adonis, Yianis and Idira, for the great times in Istanbul. Stavros, Themis, Stefanos, Kleidaras, and the people from Autonomo Steki Xanthis for the Monday night and the after show party, our best friends in Biologica Squad & Los Pasados for the sickest ever show in Thessaloniki, and definitely all the punks who gave everything on the floor and had an interest for our latest record.

This year was the best so far for the band with the "Opposite Flow" LP release -our first personal full-length- and many shows in Greece and abroad, and we would really like to thank everyone who has been supporting us by any means for the last year. We honestly feel full, and this is definitely because of YOU! Thanx again, we're gonna take some rest, 'till the next time...

*We would like to wish the best to the new squat "111" in Thessaloniki, and express our solidarity to "Kouremenou 5" squat in Ioannina*

*RIP Vagelis Yakoumakis. Another victim by a fascism's different face we also come across in the daily routine*



There has been lately a big struggle in Greece against the detention facilities for immigrants and the c-type correctional institutions, and we would really like to express our deepest sympathy and solidarity to all the imprisoned souls of this cruel system. It's time to increase the pressure and break the walls for freedom.
In other news, we would like also to officially salute Ίδρυμα 2.14, a brand new DIY venue in the center of Athens, run by people deeply involved in the Greek hc / punk scene, whom we really appreciate. Do not hesitate to drop your message and book your next show there!
Finally, the new issue from our super local Winterview fanzine, from Patras city, is out in 100 copies, with tons of interesting things concerning the global DIY punk community! Get yours here


Mini Tour

We' re really happy to announce that our next dates are going to take place as a mini tour with our friends Backlash in north Greece and Turkey. Excited to play in new places and see new faces, and of course meet old friends while on the road. So...

Sunday March 15th
- Istanbul - Peyote


Monday March 16th
- Xanthi - Autonomo Steki


Tuesday March 17th - Thessaloniki - Steki Sto Viologiko


Show in Athens

Hey! Our first show of the year is gonna take place at K*ΒΟΞ occupied social center, in Athens, next Saturday, along with Ερείπια and Κραταραμμένο Στόμα. A concert by the anarchist collective "Ρουβίκωνας" within the frameworks of a bigger financial endeavor for the support to Greek prisoners of "c-type" institutions. See you there!


Good News!

We are extremely happy to salute the re-occupation of Antiviosi Squat in Ioannina city, one of the most wonderful squats ever existed in the Greek shithole. Best news of 2015 so far! Can' t wait to play there again.

Forward we go!!!