Artwork Finished.

Sooo, we are very happy to announce that all the work about our first Ep, "We Rise", is over. On march 17, we finished all the recordings (you may have listened before) and today the artwork was finally done. The only thing that remains is just to send the Ep for printing, in tape cassette format! We really thank from our hearts, Vasilis (Jerboa Illustrations), for his beautiful work and his fucking great old-school ideas.
 Σωραιοςςς dude!

In the link below you can download straight from us our Ep, in wav. format, with artwork included.



Other good news: 61 T-shirts are also ready (half on black color, half on dark red). You can catch one at our shows, or just send us an e-mail to order. Thanx adreas (admc07) one more time, for his great design.