Reviews / News

Here you can read a review for our new 12" Split LP by Kostas and Noizzzmaker blogspot. Thanx mate! Our friend from Japan and Whispering Gloom did also a review for that Split in Japanese language. Thank you too!

Maximum Rock 'n' Roll, issue #362, July 2013, includes a review for our 7" Split EP with Unfit Earth. Thank you Mike Howes.

Of course, our 12" Split LP with Gutter is still available and this is how it looks like:


You can find it at the following distro points:

Scarecrow Records (Athens, GR)
Screaming Victims Records (Volos, GR)
No Sanctuary Records (Poland)
NowOrNever distro (Thessaloniki, GR)
Biologica Squad (Thessaloniki, GR)
Rhythm Records Shop (Athens, GR)
Scullcrasher Records (Athens, GR)

or purchase it straight from us for 10 euros. We also give an offer, all of our releases plus t-shirt, for 20 euros.