Untitled #1.

Last friday' s gig is one of the best shows we have ever attended, and definitely our favorite one, since the beginning of Dirty Wombs. It was organized by really good friends that never stopped to play and listen to the hardcore music they love, that never stopped organizing non profit / DIY shows, that never stopped to distribute and release records, zines, and stuff like that. It was finally organized by people that never stopped to support the scene in any way during all those years, and this is the most important thing. The whole atmosphere of the show, which was fueled by the furious hardcore tunes we listened and the crowd super attendance, was something we will never forget.

A big "Arigato" to: Mike (fifteen counts of arson), Jason / Vas / Yorgakis / Christina from Conspiracy of Denial, Stathis, Billy / Jack from Despite Everything and everyone else who made this gig possible, the hardcore freaks Antimob, Inhuman Poison, V8Carburetor who shared the stage with us, everyone that shook his ass during the show, and finally a honest thank to Bak, Vagelis, and Mike (Pounks) for all the support to DW.

More pictures soon.