Next Gig.

Next weekend, Prokat 35 Squat, a kind of a second home here in our town, celebrates its 5 years of existence and resistance, with a 2-day ultimate punk rock / hardcore festival! We will also participate in this party, and play on Friday, 25/05/2012, along with many of our favorite bands, such as the legendary greek crusties Hibernation (Χειμερία Νάρκη), our good friends Fields Of Locust, and the furious punk rockers Antimob, from Athens. We will also share the stage with Αχαίρευτοι, Ραδιενεργά Κατάλοιπα, and Chaos Enshrined. This show's gonna be the last for us in Patras, for a couple of months, so we really cannot wait for this shit. It' s gonna be a fucking blast!

(P.S.: The tapes are ready, but unfortuntately we won' t have them with us at the show. We' ll receive them next week.)

After that, we are thinking to concentrate on some of our plans. We are discussing for two Split releases, one with a greek crust band on 7" vinyl Ep, and one with a foreign scandinavian hardcore band on 12" vinyl Lp, which will contain probably our favorite songs. There is a really good mood from both sides, so we  hope to cope with this stuff. 'Till then, we will play one more time in August' s Arm Your Desires Festival in Tyrnavos city, and maybe in Athens if we have such a chance!
We will inform for everything.
Take care.

(μιναρουπολη aka Patras Shittie, captured by Thanos.)


Elections Fever and Other News


The 'elections' fever has already passed, and nothing's gonna happen, nothing' s gonna change. Our country' s, officially, gonna sink faster and deeper to its Decay. For one more time, right wing political parties are going to govern this shit, while fake left wing people will try to save us. The fascist national front took a percentage of 7% (almost) in these elections, and will seat its ugly ass in the parliament for the first fucking time. We have to rise higher guys, with more power, and finally confront those bastards, those oppresors, those killers. Never forget, never let your self to fall asleep.


In other news, we are very happy, 'cause finally the printing procession of our first release is going to start tomorrow. Both recordings and artwork have been sent in the factory, and by the end of this month (may) we hope to have the cassettes in our hands. We' ll let you know with another post.