Good Fucking News.


So it has been 3 days, since we have arrived from Volos city after our show in Riot squat, last saturday. The show was a blast and full of surprises with the guest appearences of Faithreat zombie moshers, and Unfit Earth, an awesome new crust band from there. This was by far our most energetic show since our beginning. We gave our best, we enjoyed it the best, the crowd was alive, and the whole atmosphere was what we call hardcore, what we call punk. Thanx of course to Riot Squat for the organization, and the bands who shared the stage with us (Absent, My Turn). Tomorrow we are going to post some photos, and maybe a video from our live.

(Volos, 25/02/2012)


We are very happy to present you our new T-shirt design created by our good friend and sick hand Adreas (admc07) (be sure to check his blog). This drawing depicts with the best way our thoughts behind the lyrics, our thoughts about this world, our thoughts about us. We have to get the fuck out of here. We have to burn this filthy world. We have to wake up and destroy it. We really thank Adreas from our hearts.


And finally we are really sick and excited 'cause after a year (and +) of existence, we are entering studio for the recording of our first Ep casette, in the name "We Rise" (despite the first plans of a 7" Ep, release). It will contain six songs of our punk/hardcore music, along with a japcore cover. The recording sessions will begin in 2 weeks. More info sooooon! Stay tuned!

Εντάξει, τι να πούμε... Έχουμε χεστεί απ' την χαρά μας. Η φάση τσουλάει επιτέλους...

(This is the offspring of your world... It gets born, filthy and dead, like your consciences...
Riot Squat, Volos, 25/02/2012)