Back Home

So, we' re finally back home after 17 days...

First of all we would like to wish strength to the fighter Nikos Romanos, a brave young guy, who has been in hunger strike since November 10th, demanding the basics, an educational leave during his imprisonment. We are with YOU in the war against this cruel and oppressive system.

Concerning our European tour, few words can describe this huge, incredible and definitely adventurous trip we lived along with our buddies Lifewreck for the last two or so weeks. We came across car problems, van trades, risky decisions, huge distances, electricity attack, expensive tolls and money loss, but we managed to make it and didn't loose any show and of course our best mood. The feedback, the feeling and the vibe at the shows was amazing, the parties after the concerts were many and crazy, and every single city, every single smile and every single sample of each local scene, gave us tons of things to remember, to appreciate and to keep deep in our hearts. We really did not expect a big tour to be so hard, but result makes all the obstacles together funny, at least.

We would like especially to thank Lollo and the guys from XM24 / Atlandide Occupata / Agipunk in Bologna, Manzinga in Ljubljana, Left To Starve / Jere and the Zagreb crew for the show in Karlovac, Jenny / Boris / Iris and the crazy punks of Pankahyttn in Vienna, Alex and the family of Planet Underground in Usti Nad Labem, Koepi crew, Mads / Ungdomshuset crew for the K-town show and Vaios / Thanos for a day-off we will never forget, Steffan and almost all the Druckerei lads in Hamburg, Mirna / Lia / Maro for the great times in Vrankrijk / Amsterdam, Luc / Sergios / Georgia / King Terror and The End Of Ernie for the show in Leuven, Pibe and Kanivo Chaos for the night in Besancon, Asilo Occupato for the chaos in Torino, Mikol and the Villa Panico crew for the last party in Florence, Anna for the italian shows, Natalia / Marek and POZZITIVO TOURSERVICE for the last minute van help, and definitely our driver Ivan who despite all the damages and problems stood strong and calm and managed to make us company at the biggest part of the tour. Cheers!

Below there are videos of some performances abroad. Note that in Denmark we played as a four piece, with a frontman! Europe, hope to see you soon!!