We' re playing our next show in Athens on Friday November 8th, at Prapopoulos Squat, north suburbs, along with our tour buddies Lifewreck, Gutter and Process Of Decay.



Last show was fucking crazy. Million thanx, hugs and cheers go to our best friends in Studio From The Down diy collective, to the people from Patras and Thessaloniki who followed and came at the show, to the bands who shared the floor with us, and definitely every single local person who made the gig such a great event. 

Our new T-shirts for the upcoming tour just arrived. Both artworks made by ADMC07, white shirt edited by Panos Ntolas (panosntolas@hotmail.com). Anyone interested drop us back a message!


Next Gig

We' re playing in Ioannina city on friday October 24th with Belgrado from Barcelona, Era Of Fear from Xanthi, and the locals Living Under Drones. Damn excited to be part of this line up, meet good friends, and see cool places again. See you in the pools!



Hey again! Yesterday's show was cool and definitely a good warm-up for the upcoming shows in Europe and rest Greece. Thank you all for attending the show, the bands, and definitely Prokat35 Squat for all this thing! Cheers!


Test Pressings arrived today and sound amazing. Seriously the work is excellent and million thanx go to Ilias Dsk for the whole mix in Ignite Studios, Athens, Greece and Brad Broadright for the mastering in Audiosiege Studios, USA.


Our good friends Underscroll Prints are hleping us to complete our merch for the upcoming shows and made some cool patches for your dirty jackets and your torn pants. Thank you TOO!


Local Live

Hey! We' re finally playing our first show after eleven months, in Patras, with Useless Cunts (Finland) and our brothers Sardanapalm Death. It's cool to come back in our home Prokat35 squat. See you there!

We also got a facebook page for all the 21st century digital girls & boys. Here

(poster credits: jerboa illustrations)