We are currently working on two old songs, which we' ll record next Tuesday, for our upcoming 7" Split release, with Unfit Earth crusties from Volos.
We are -as always- fucking excited!

Next Friday, 22/06/2012, we will play in the streets(!) of Athens an unusual show with the unusual rock 'n' roll freaks Antimob, the unusual bastards Inhuman Poison, and the zeke maniacs V8Carburetor. This will be our second visit to Athens as a band, after 9 months and that show with Crimen (mexico) at Katarameno Syndromo last september. It has been a long time, we will meet many good friends, and will listen to really good bands, so we definitely cannot wait for this.

Here you can see the street where the show' s gonna take place.
(and don' t be late 'cause you' ll probably loose some bands!)