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(Unfit Earth / Dirty Wombs 7" Split)


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So, the last days were more than amazing. We terminated our holidays with two great shows that we' ll always remember. First, it was Volos city and Katiraga village where the yard of a cottage was transformed into a big summer circle pit. After sea swimming in front of the house, the show started early in the evening with Eternal Hated, that delivered an excellent 30minute hardcore show. Remember us, you' ll be hearing their name really often in the future. They know exactly how to play dark hardcore. We played in the second place and Faithreat ended the show with cοnstant moshing and crowd surfing. They will record their second full length this month, so get fucking ready. A honest "thank you" to our official crazy friend Leonidas for organizing this gig in his house, and to all the guys and friends that showed up that hot night! Arigato!

The day after, we took our beloved Renault Clio and had an hour and a half trip to Argiropouli village next to Tyrnavos city, where Arm Your Desires festival was taking place for the second day and the sixth consecutive year. AYD is an awesome DIY hardcore / crust / punk festival, with veg(eteri)an cuisine, many spots for camping and countless alcohol, organized in the heart of the nature. We arrived in early afternoon and had the joy to meet all our good friends from Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larissa city. The line up of the second day was GREAT. Timetrap, I Want The Moon, Conpiracy of Denial, Mother Disobediance, and Rivers Run Dry from Hungury went up on the stage and delivered perfect hardcore tunes, while Tyrranicide from Holland, Unfit Earth and Cut Off from greece destroyed the whole fucking place. Our show was one of our favotites. This fest was a great experience for us. Big thanx to Stelios and AYD team.

Many photos will be posted.

There is one video of our show in "Videos" Page. Check it!


And some other great News! As we had said, our next release is the Split with Unfit Earth crusties from Volos city, which is in the preparation mode. At the same time there will be one more release. We will participate, with a remastered version of "Eternity Shore", in an International Hardcore Compilation, which will be released in vinyl format. Phil and Imminent Destruction Records (a UK based distro/label) is behind this Lp.

"A Roar Of Indignation"

The Bands:

Homicide (Brazil)
Sex Dwarf (Sweden)
Napalm Raid (Canada)
Frenzy (USA)
Selvforakt (Sweden / Brazil)
Raw Hate (Sweden)
Warvictims (Sweden)
Scrumpy SS (UK)
Strange Factory (Japan)
Infernoh (Sweden)
Violent Party (USA)
Leprosy (Australia)
Vaarallinen (Singapore)
Kylma Sota (Finland)
Gutter (Greece)
Sistemas De Aniquilacion (Peru)
Rappa (Japan)
Corbata (Japan)
Dirty Wombs (Greece)
Proxy (Canada)